Friday, January 21, 2011

"I'm not Rain Man"

I wrote this update on Facebook the other day, under the banner "Sh*t my wife says".  It got more "Likes" and comments from family than my usual witty banter.  Any thoughts as to why?
Wife: "Let's see... 170 square meters, $16/square... Alain, what's 170 times 16?"
Me: "Wtf? I'm just supposed to know that off the top of my head? I'm not Rain Man!"
Wife: "Come on!" *snaps fingers*
Me: "Okay, um, 2560".
Wife: "See, that wasn't that hard!"


  1. hehe, I have often heard of psych's taking a look at children's fathers when they are getting their diagnosis for their child! I say this tongue in cheek, lol, as my husband now realises he is probably on the spectrum (I say he is definitely)!

    Hope your weekend is good.

  2. hehehe, I can do that too and very much avoided the Psychs eyes when my son was being evaluated, which probably only made them even more suspicious! Jen

  3. Any thoughts why? Yup.

    Because people are amazed that your wife still talks to you? Because nobody thought you could even count to 10? Because you guys use math in Australia? Because you, apparently, have 2560 fingers and toes? Because it would take a long time to stomp your foot 2560 times?

  4. That's funny, most of the Facebook reactions were along the lines of "why did you give her the wrong answer?" You blogging people are all so cute, though!

    I like @jencull's comment the most. So @jen, your talent is to make up numbers which sound convincing, too? Have you thought about a career in stockbroking?