Saturday, January 29, 2011

House rules

The lebelinoz household is a tight ship.  If you want to be a part of this family, there are a few rules which must be observed.  No exceptions.

  1. Never, ever EVER turn the DVD player off or change the channel while the final credits are rolling.

  1. "Bedtime" is merely a suggested activity.  Once the lights are out and Mom & Dad shut the door, you're free to do whatever you want…  No matter how many times Dad comes in the room, puts you back in bed and switches the light back off.  If you happen to find someone has removed your light bulb earlier that day, then that's your bad luck.

  1. Under no circumstances must all the couch cushions remain on the couch.

  1. Before using the blue silicone oven mitt, always make sure to chase the children through the house with it, while singing the first few bars of "Mack the knife".  Failure to do so may result in persistent badgering by said children.

  1. Toast crusts go on the floor.  Not the bin.  And certainly not in the mouth.

  1. If you step away from the computer, even just for a second to get a cup of water from the kitchen sink three feet away, it is within everyone else's rights to close all your windows and apps and to take over the computer.

  1. Bookmarks must never stay in the book.  They are meant to be pulled out of the books and enjoyed on their own.

  1. "I" is "you", not "I".  For example, if you want some milk, you must never say "I want milk".  It's "You want milk".

  1. When Mom says "It's bedtime", always scream "You want milk!" in response.

  1. Under no circumstances must ice cream, yoghurt or apple sauce be eaten at the table while seated.  It is preferable to do several laps of the lounge room and do several bouncy stims on the sofa while enjoying such treats.


  1. Boy do I know about the house rules too! In fact, I almost blogged about the SAME thing today.

  2. I am so lucky that if I do step away from the computer that Griffin asks if he can use it and then he does leave my windows and e-mail alone...boy do I count my blessings with that one!

  3. You have a lounge room? I want one. With a piano and a smokey bar. Sinatra playing.

  4. @BD wtf? Where do you go when you want to lounge around the house in your dressing gown?

  5. @Lora: actually, rule 6 seriously applies to all four of us!

  6. I think GL has been reading your rulebook. I wish I'd thought of stealing the lightbulb. It hasn't been a problem lately, but back in the day... OTOH, I do remove GL's DVD player from the boys' room at night. Caught BB (our NT kid) getting up in the middle of the night to watch it. So that's why he was so grouchy about getting up in the morning!

  7. LOVING the computer rule - same here!!! haha