Sunday, December 5, 2010

Go to your room…

...and don't come out until I've finished laughing.

The first time Gaston did this, we thought it was hilarious. It was so unexpected: we thought he had no concept of gifts. He had never gotten excited about gifts at any birthdays or Christmases at this stage. He destroyed an ornament, but it demonstrated an understanding we never thought he had.

The second time Gaston did this, it was annoying. You'd think he'd have remembered his experience from the previous year.

The third time Gaston tried to do this, I had caught him just in time. What do you think was going through his head? "Oh boy, another tiny styrofoam cube to add to my collection. In another nine years, I'll have a whole tray of pretend ice cubes."


  1. Maybe he just really likes styrofoam.

  2. That is funny. (Although I'm sure it's not quite as amusing when you're the one picking up wrapping and styrofoam cubes!)


  3. I guess that it would be annoying after the third time but it is pretty funny! (visiting from blog hop)

  4. Hilarious! I love the idea of a tray full of pretend ice cubes :) Though I'm sure it's no fun having your ornaments destroyed, it makes for a nice story to tell. Merry Christmas!

  5. LOL. Love the title! Great Blog!