Saturday, November 13, 2010


Gaston has taken over my camera.  It was cute at first, but it's reached the point where I can't touch my Olympus μ 820 unless it's to take a photo of him.

The first time I suspected this could be an interesting development was when we were on holiday in Tasmania.  We stopped at a cute little town called Sheffield, famous (among Tasmanians) for its murals.  When I told G to take photos of them, he did:

He  took photos of other interesting things, too:

And he proceeded to take photos of all the park benches and other things around the place:

If anyone can tell me what these green Daleks are, I'd be curious to hear it.  They're all over Australia and I never noticed them until Gaston took a photo of one:

I told myself I'd give him more freedom with the camera, to get an autistic child's perspective on our holiday.  He would mostly take photos of the inside of the car during the rest of this holiday

Darn it, I'm putting him through the same childhood I had suffered through!

Sometimes he surprised me with clever series of photos.  Here's one he took at the Melbourne Zoo weeks later:

Here's one of his own drawings, a kind of step-by-step guide on how to draw a train:

(it goes on...  best to stop here)

If you're still reading, I won't bore you with the many many MANY photos and videos of  the Lego train set.  Or the boys' favourite toy bus.  Or the names of all the train announcements, which he's copied off of YouTube and written on individual sheets of paper.  Oh, what the heck, here are a couple:

I could go on.  Pictures of Legos, of popcorn, a how-to guide on how to open the front door (not that he needs it for himself), photos he took of himself:

The above photo always brings a tear to my eye.  Oh, how I miss my beloved Olympus μ 820!


  1. The photos are great. Especially the step by step guide to drawing a train. I think the "Daleks" (red poles) are meant to keep wayward vehicles from driving where they shouldn't - like over people and into storefronts. Just a guess.

  2. Thanks BD: I was inspired by your recent post about Griffin's photography skills. Gaston has discoverd the video-taking feature, which can fill the 1 GB chip in a day!

    You might be wrong about the poles: I think they are part of an alien invasion...

  3. You should get Gaston his own camera for Christmas, some of his pictures are really good.

  4. Does he take a while to frame his shots? The composition is pretty good.. Better than a lot of adults. He's got the subject dead in the centre and none of the photos are askew. Rarely do you see a kid take a photo where all the vertical lines are actually vertical like that.

  5. Thank, Cherny. I didn't particularly notice how long he takes to frame a shot: same as anyone, I guess. I don't have an eye for these things, so all I knew was that he chooses interesting subjects and he doesn't suck at taking photos.