Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Reviews

Here are some blogs I started following at around the same time I started publishing my own blog.  Since I am not familiar with the standard rating system of blogs, and since all blogs are different the same way that all foods are different, I decided to adopt my own review system:  comparing blogs to food.   Because everyone can relate to food, right?  Or is it just weird?


Journeys with Autism:

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg, a mother who is blogging about her own autism, which was only diagnosed the year she turned 50.  She gives an autistic person's point of view on things, which I find fascinating and insightful.

Rating:  A 3-course meal at an exotic restaurant.  You learn something new every time you go and you always walk away satisfied.  But you might need to get past a little culture shock at first, like when people used to balk at raw fish before sushi became popular.


Big Daddy Autism:

I've been reading this blog for weeks.  As far as I can tell, the blogger's name is Big Daddy, his wife's name is Mrs Big Daddy (or MBD for short), the autistic son's name is Griffin and the younger sister's name is Lil' Sis.  These are often short, snappy, funny stories which relate actual conversations between Big Daddy and Griffin.  The blog is updated almost daily, and they always make me smile.  And they're not always about Griffin:  Big Daddy also posts obscure cartoons, and he once photographed the word "HELP" written in lima beans while at fat camp.  Hilarious.

Rating:  A comforting desert or snack which you eat often, and assume is junk food, but is actually very good for your body and soul.  Like blueberry pie or popcorn.


My wife's blog.  She only wrote one long entry.  Hopefully she'll write more, but she already essentially told me she wouldn't. 

Rating:  A single 3-course meal at a 5-star restaurant, but for some weird reason you can never find that restaurant again.  *sigh*


Living with Asparagus - the other one:

I wouldn't find it creepy to find another blog called "Living with asparagus", except this blog started exactly one week before our one started, and it's also in Australia.  Weird, isn't it?  There are some stories in here which made me laugh, so I recommend it...

Rating:  A fresh salad sandwich:  a satisfying, quick meal.


The Joy of Autism:

Estée Klar, a single Toronto woman with an autistic son named Adam.  Familiar and everyday, but written with class.  This entry in particular might make you think twice about the ABA system of teaching and start questioning what other methods might be available:  Are We Listening?

Rating:  Casserole served on fine china:  comfort food served with elegance.


Followed it because I liked the name.  Regretted it immediately.  All the entries I've read so far have been about breastfeeding, or complaining about the fact that the author owns a mini-van, or complaining about her husband's driving.  She says autism is awful but she won't explain why it's awful because she's too busy talking about herself.  Crude and boring.

Rating:  An Aussie meat pie or a bad hot dog.  Little nutritional value, forgettable flavour and there is an unpleasant lingering aftertaste.


Autism and Behaviour Management:

The saddest and scariest blog entry I've ever read in my life is called Autism and Violence, about an Asperger's child who grows up to be a violent man.

Rating:  A high-fibre vegan detox meal.  Good for you, everyone should have one occasionally, but whether you like it or not is a matter of opinion.


Here is a directory of autism blogs on Blogger  

If there are any particularly good blogs out there, please let me know.  One  thing is for sure:  there are a lot of blogs out there.  So far, I like more than I dislike.  A bit of guidance might help me zero in on the best bits, so if you know your way around autism blogs please leave a comment.

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  1. Thanks for the accolades! I love flattery and I especially love how you described my blog. Couldn't have said it better if I tried. For some reason I'm kinda hungry now. Think I'll get a snack.